4 Kristine Pl

Dino Mancini , 01 Jan 2016

Having built, resided and raised the family at the same address for over 25 years, it was a really difficult decision to place our home at Cherrybrook on the market. Moreover, the thought of having to endure the usual diatribe from real estate agents through the selling process was another hesitating factor.

Nevertheless I remained vigilant to the selling of a home immediately across the road and when that was sold, I spoke with the owner and the invited the selling agent, David Russell Real Estate, and one other agency to provide a brief market opinion and marketing approach. Frankly, the advice from David Russell Real Estate appeared genuine to impress me enough that they would do their utter most to achieve the best that the market could offer in align with their proffered opinion.

And that was how it unfolded, with Russell Haddan and Garry Morris of that agency demonstrating their understanding the property attributes, the vendor's objectives an the purchase's qualification, and coupled with their determination and continued effort, our home was sold within a reasonable period to the satisfaction of all parties.

I commend David Russell Real Estate to any prospective vendor and, in particular, I am most grateful to Russell and Garry on making the sales process as easy as possible for me and as successful as the market permitted