About Us


DAVID RUSSELL REAL ESTATE  has been part of the Hills District for over 30 years.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as ‘the Hill’s Agent” you can depend on.  Our approach and commitment to fair and ethical practices is what sets us apart from other agents.

Our philosophy is summed up in our mission statement:-

To provide the best real estate service available based on the highest standard of ethics, values and client care….

In doing so, we earn the loyalty and trust of local sellers and buyers who will become life long clients and friends because we always place their interests ahead of our own.

Our sales staff are hand-picked. They all display outstanding personal qualities that enhance their ability to look after you.  We are different, we don’t just give anyone a go!  Our team members all complete a strenuous training program and must have outstanding examination and performance results to join our office.   Our ongoing training always ensures they are performing at their best.

I am proud to be the Principle of David Russell Real Estate and the leader of a highly skilled and committed sales team. 

I look forward to being your agent.

Russell Haddan